My name is Adam Zwiazek aka MAVOOI

I’m a music producer, composer , arranger and a synthesiser freak. I was born in Poland.  In 1999 I moved to Belgium, where from 2003 I started my adventure as a producer. From 2019, MAVOOI STUDIO is located in Santa Cruz on Madeira Island.  Yep, finally I have found my paradise where I can devote myself only to music.

Over the years, I have managed to collaborate with great artists from many countries around the world. My productions can be heard on many radios and top charts. I have worked with independent artists and the major labels ( Sony, Universal, Warner ) Do you need a hit record and production at the highest level ? Write to me !

A partial list of artists I have worked with in random order:

Sonia Maselik, Agnieszka Wiechnik , Paulina Czapla, Marta Burdynowicz, Kinga Woloszyn, Paula Biskup, Idalia, Elle Vee, Ptakova , Kid Noize, Przemek Puk , Popek, Peter Kukulski, Magda Femme, Zawidzki , Ala Tracz, Ola Tracz, Pawel Stasiak , Ala,  2XO , Madmoiselle Luna , Juliusz Kamil , Julka Binczyk, Ania Rusniarczyk , Julia Chmielarska, Mista , Stano Simor , Kinga Chmielewska, Amelia Bakalarz, Dagga , Pegaso, Eliad Cohen , Peter Bellaert aka Minimalistix , Miro Freitas , Marcio Amaro, Rafal Collins , Fanka, KaeN , Druzyna Mistrzow …

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