My name is Adam Zwiazek aka “MAVOOI”. I was born in Poland, but I live in Belgium for over 19 years. I’m music producer, composer , arranger and a synthesiser freak with over 15 years of studio experience.  I’ve managed to transform a small home studio and create a professionally equipped production studio.

Over the years I’ve assembled a quite big collection of synthesisers, drum machines and sound processors.  I’m composing and producing mostly POP music for artists from all over the world. My part is the production process, and the mixing and mastering, and the artist’s role is to provide quality vocals. Last years I work more with artists which has already a Record Deals with Major Labels. I also started to produce for a few artists from my home country – Poland.

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With a solid reputation for producing great music and delivering a fresh organic sound my goal above all else is to deliver such a quality that moves people into the intended emotional experience.

From 2019, MAVOOI STUDIO will be located on Madeira Island.  Follow me on social media for more updates.